My first VTC renting in Marseille

En louant un véhicule avec chauffeur à Marseille, vous pouvez profiter d’une série de commodités fournies gratuitement ! Demandez à la voiture de vous rencontrer directement à l’aéroport, à la gare ou à la gare routière. Cette location de voiture avec chauffeur établit un pack d’avantages pour tous ses clients. Le carburant nécessaire à la mise en œuvre du voyage sera fourni gratuitement tout comme l’assurance médicale pour vous et tous vos accompagnateurs dans le cas où vous louez une mini-fourgonnette ou un bus avec chauffeur. En ce qui concerne le système de tarification, la location de VTC à Marseille est accessible à tous.

private driver Marseille

Hi everybody ! I hope you are all feeling well… Last weekend I went to a wedding in PACA region ! Oh yes, one of my best friends finally said « yes » for better and for worse;) so I took a flight from Bruxelles-Marseille on Friday evening ! I knew very well that my week is going to be long and in addition to that I had to pick up my suitecase at my house before going to the trip, so I booked a VTC rental car with a driver, for the tranfer from the airport of Marseille to my hotel, I especially did not want to ask my friend to come and get me as she was very busy with the preparations and I admit that the experience pleased me a lot.

Back to my Marseille airport transfer

So I arrived at the airport of  Marseille Provence located more precisely in  Marignane, it was almost 11 pm and my VTC was already there zaiting for me, the driver, by the way was super nice and cute moreove… Took me to my hotel, I must say that I did not regret booking this rental car because when you take a flight from Bruxelles to Marseille after a very long busy week, all you want to do is resting in a soft bed without worrying about finding a taxi or the public trasportation ! Seriously I found that the service was at the top, so I took the business card of this company, wich is called Excellium Limousine, it may help you, who knows !

A limousine for a VIP transport in Marseille

The next morning I was already awake at 8 a.m… Too early for a Saturday ! something quite rare fora sleeper like me… I had to be at the town hall at10a.m, so I got dressed properly then at exactly 10a.m, I was already there, we were all waiting for the bride and guess what ? She decided to rent a limousine and you will not believe in me because the driver was the same person as the one who brought to me to my hotel the day before. It was quite funny because without knowing it, we used the same car rental company !  I found the limousine super class and in addition to that I got the right to ride in for going to the party room, well all inn all it was great, we had fun, the groom and the bride were at the top, my friend was very beutiful and the color of the limousine really suites her wedding dress.

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